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The Futuristic Ideas on Progress Today New possibilities have been realized as a result of the continued growth in technology over the years. It it seems that from the ancient technology to the modern complex innovations, every phase comes with a better life. This is why transhumans believe that human beings can improve their capacities through advanced technologies. It refers to a technological application that goes beyond the super feature gadgets but to modification of the human body. They are innovations that will eliminate illnesses and offer quality product to every person including those with shaky financial background. Advanced technologies make life better in the developed countries. This is in contrast to developing countries where live is more of denial of services. If advanced technology is availed to every human, the life of each person would be better. The transhumans have a long term projection of technology often termed as futuristic Things anticipated to come in many years in future look more uncertain, but it is just a matter of time. Even though it takes many centuries, human ingenuity will bring it to reality so long as it serves a genuine human concern. The ability to control the atomic structure of matter has taken the human ambitions at higher levels. Facts now make it clear that it is now possible to make several modifications to the human body. The outcome of such innovations are making life easier, more happiness and great achievements. Take the case of Internet as an example, it has connected people worldwide in an unprecedented way while providing unrestricted access to information.
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The average person will view the transhumans technologies as too wild and untenable. Ethical considerations are one of the factors that have slowed the pace of these technologies. As in most cases, every wild technology though useful has to face this resistance stage. One of the transhuman technologies is the cryonics which is the preservation of the human body particularly the brain after what is referred as death. Future anticipation of revival are the basis of cryonics. Though current technology has not permitted revival; cryonics is available today. Irrespective of how many years will have gone by, there is expectation that one day, revival will be possible. The science has been tried with frogs that can revive latter through the molecular nanotechnology. To revive the human brain, sophisticated MNT will have to be developed.
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Bad genes are replaced with good genes through the use of gene therapy. RNA selective interferences knock out gene expression. The sciences make it tenable to change the genetic code of a human being. Scientists have conducted studies with mice where they have interfered with genes making the mice remain lean regardless of the volume or type of food consumed.