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Learning About The New Slang Concept Of Emojis Japan is a symbol and a catalyst of change when it comes to the engagement with the progressing and well-equipped numbers of industries within the country. It represents the idea of being on the top of the line where progress and increasing elegance govern the modern world. The difficulty in coping up with the newest change in the dialectics or conversational terminologies in cellphones is indeed a true and genuine struggle of the entire society. The continuing use of the updated words, slang and terminologies have brought pressure to the administration to put it in the English language makes it even more important. Mediocre, common and rare words have already been subjugated to the dictionaries to be read by the latest generation. Emojis are the cool discoveries being endorsed by the newest technology from Japan. Kaomoji as a developed-emojis are the face letters used by the high-tech cellphone users in the present context. These kaomoji or face letters do not only refer to the gambling or playing or alphabet letters but would importantly use a lot of symbol character attractive to the eyes of the receiver. The cat smiley as a classic emoticon used by teenagers nowadays is actually a part of the Kaomoji or face letters. The emoticon implies how you are feeling today or your situation as of the moment. Wink smiley is generally used as much as the cat smiley as it could apparently show emotions of care, love and affection to another person when texting through a smartphone.
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Kaomoji had been really a success for most smartphone users as it had been wwell-recognized not only by users but the entire industry as well. The recognition granted to the charm and demand for Kamaoji had open the door to another discovery referring to the Emojis. Emojis are also patterned from the discovery of Kamaoji yet has emphasis on the picture letters rather than the face ones. These emojis are usually present in the keybads of your smart phones whenever you are replying, texting or sending an email to your friend or loved ones. There are icons that range from hundreds to thousands easily and directly downloaded from playstore or markets built-in and can be accessed by your smart phones. The emojis are increasingly mutated every seconds as they do not rest since they almost exist especially where communication usually lies such as the facebook, smart phones and blogs as well.
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Apart from those kaomoji and emojis, here comes the newest style called as the decomail. Decomail is a shortened name for decoration mail promoting a more advanced manipulation or decoration of text through emojis, animations other relevant features.