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Understanding Emojis And Why They Are Not Emoticons

Electronic mail and text messages have become the new norm in communication in this modern age. However, people are naturally genetically wired to interpret voices and facial expressions. Emojis are pictures used in text-based electronic communication for the purpose of expressing concept or idea. On the other hand, emoticons are simply characters that express an emotion. People often confuse the terms emoji and emoticon, but despite being used in the same situation, they have differences in meaning and origin.

Using these symbols and graphics, feelings can be expressed and communicated. A simple image or graphic can already express what you are feeling instead of writing a long message.

Emoticons have been around for a while now. Emoticon is a shortened form of “emotion icons”. These are normally used in messages, emails, SMS or in social media posts to denote an feeling or mood. An emoticon inserted in a message can be very helpful in expressing emotions or moods. A smile emoticon can clarify the interpretation of the message and helps the reader better understand your point. For example, a joke may sound offensive unless one adds an “:)” emoticon. There are numerous ways to express yourself through an emoticon, such as happiness, sadness, disgust or surprise.
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Emojis and emoticons are two completely different thing. An emoticon paints your emotional state to your reader; an emoji, on the other hand, can already have a complete thought or meaning behind the image. While emoticons express emotions, emojis focus more on ideas. The use of emojis came from Japan, with emojis pertaining to “picture character”. Emojis have a broader range compared to emoticons and may include pictures of animals, logos, transportation and many more.
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Unicode is an international organization which helps maintain the standards for characters which are used in text messages, mobile devices and websites. Most technology companies utilize this standard for their software and hardware. Because of this standard, applications and software, computers and mobile devices can display and utilize these symbols as long as they are part of the industry standard.

You can insert emoticons by typing characters and pressing the space key will automatically display the symbol. An emoji keyboard can be used by mobile users in inserting or selecting their chosen image. Emoticons and emojis are so popular because they are easy to use and very effective in relaying a feeling or idea to others. These symbols and images are fun to use and can very effective when you want to relay an idea, concept or feeling without the need to write an entire sentence or phrase.