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How To Survive The Desert

The composition of the land mass of the earth is about one-third desert all in all. Mostly desserts have a lot of features that sets it apart from the different types of land masses on Earth and these features includes the extremely little amount of water on this type of land mass, very high winds, and the lowest amount of humidity, not to mention the fluctuation of temperature dramatically from time to time. In general a desert is a very barren land that has a very low or no population at all. For those people who are planning on a trek Southwest, they should know that the best desserts generally have a very high temperature during daytime which can go up to 130 degrees during the night the temperatures could be very cold and freezing. Before any trekking escapade takes place ask yourself this: will I survive if I am going to encounter an accident or any emergency during the time that I am trekking the desert? The truth is that anyone can survive the desert even if that person is not an expert when it comes to survival methods, and this can be done properly by following the tips below.

Since Panic will be the greatest enemy that anyone in an emergency situation will face, it is very important to remain calm and make a thorough assessment on the grave situation that you are in so that you will be able to properly formulate a plan that will allow you to go forward and survive. If in any case you are under a predicament in the desert it would be wise to stay where you are and wait for rescue to come, or if you have a clear idea on which direction to go to arrive to the nearest populated place then you better start traveling right away. Be sure that you are going to inventory all of your equipment and food source that you have brought along with you, most especially the water as this is the most important factor that will keep you alive long enough to get back to civilization. Carefully observe your environment and try to look for anything that might be of help to you in surviving the desert until you will be rescued or anything that can be used as a tool to help you get back to civilization alive.

During your Trek Southwest you will be facing the greatest enemy which is sun exposure. Finding a shade is a critical and most important among all the survival tips during daytime in the desert. So that you can conserve water be sure that you stay in the shade and avoid a direct exposure to the sun. Be sure that you are going to do everything slowly and avoid sweating at all costs. You must avoid getting exhausted at all cost so that you will not sweat as sweating rapidly dehydrates the body.If You Read One Article About Tips, Read This One

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