How to Fix Hard Drive Failure & What is Data Recovery?

If your computer experiences any of the above symptoms, your hard disk may have crashed due to certain software problems. Actually, with a good utility, you can fix it yourself with 3 steps: your boot hard drive, fix the problem and return the lost data. Now let’s do it step by step with the help of Wonder share Live Boot CD / USB, which can save you from any conceivable computer crash with a boot able CD or USB drive. Now, let’s solve the hard disk failure problem together.

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Step1. Make boot able Live boot CD / DVD or USB

After installing and running Live boot on your PC, you will get the initial window as follows. Inserting a blank USB drive or CD / DVD or onto your computer and clicking on the green button on fire, the job left will be finished by the program.

Step2. Your hard drive boots by burning disk / USB

When getting the Live Boot CD, insert it into a computer CD – ROM and start your computer. When the system starts loading files, press F12 to enter the Boot Menu of the device. Select the USB Drive CD – ROM option to sign in. Then you can get the Boot Menu as follows. Hit on the first to boot your computer from Live Boot.

Step3. Hard drive data recovery failure (optional)

Hard drive crashes can always cause data loss. The first thing we need to do is to recover the data. Go to the “Data Recovery” menu above, and then press “Data Recovery” to recover the lost data. It can help you recover documents, photos, audio files, videos, emails and archive files of all types of storage devices, as well as the falling external hard drive.

Note: Do not Save your data on the desktop or Boot (X 🙂 hard disk drive, for you under the boot environment. The data stored here is accessible under your own Windows. For more information How to Fix Hard Drive Failure you can visit: