Good Password Management Can Help Prevent Cyber Attacks

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Large businesses have sophisticated cyber security systems and resources to hire the most experienced professionals to keep hackers out of their networks. Despite the resources these companies dedicate to keeping their own and their customers’ data secure, some of them are still impacted by cyber attacks. Small companies without those resources to devote to their networks must take very specific steps in order to keep cyber criminals at bay.

The most important thing a company must do is practice good password management. Hackers may get into a network using a password generator tool. This is much easier to do when passwords are easy to guess. An effective policy is to require staff members to use alphanumeric passwords for all network computers and to change them frequently. Although this practice might be inconvenient for employees, they should know that small businesses that experience a cyber attack have a high likelihood of closing permanently within a year. Following the password rules can help an employee keep their job.

Limiting password attempts can also make hacking a system more difficult. Companies should encourage employees to remember their passwords but not store them in written form anywhere in their workspace. In addition to limiting the number of times a password can be entered incorrectly without locking the computer, companies should give employees an easy path to resetting their forgotten password. Offering help desk services like this will prevent written passwords floating around the office.

No matter how many safeguards a company puts in place to protect the network, they may not be able to prevent a cyber attack. This is why backing up data regularly is essential. Hackers might only copy data from a network. However, they may erase all the data or lock the network so the business owner cannot get into their own network. With a secure off-site backup in place, companies can continue to do business while they work to restore their systems and correct and damage the hackers might have done. Savvy business owners are proactive and know exactly what to do if they are ever the victim of a cyber attack.