Cannabis to treat diabetes

A number of scientists conducted a study to examine whether true marijuana does not provide benefits to the human body.

Musri Musman, a chemist from Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, examined the medical properties of marijuana against diabetes.

Professor Musri has done a literature review, but has not researched in the field.

“There is a part in the substance contained in marijuana, especially the oil, which can reduce or inhibit oxidation, by which it is anti-oxidant, the formation of excess sugar in the blood and can not be neutralized by insulin, is inhibited by it. sugar in the blood, “said Musri.

According to Musri, in the study of literature, medical properties of marijuana derived from chemical compounds in cannabis called cannabinoid or abbreviated CBD.


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CBD is believed to have an impact on the body since the 1990s when some scientists discovered the existence of two CBD receptors in the human body. The first receptor is connected with pain, while the second receptor is connected to the immune system.

Both of these receptors will be active along with the entry of CBD into the body and trigger a chemical reaction. However, the question until now, what are the benefits to the disease recovery process and how the mechanism?