Apple Consultant Network Support

The Apple Consultant Network is a network of local and independent companies unrelated to Apple Inc. that offer information technology solutions and services based on the products of the Cupertino colossus. Apple does not provide direct support to companies that have problems in the configuration and installation of their computer network based on the devices of the bitten apple, so it has decided to group in a single large network all companies able to meet the lack of official business support from part of the parent company.

Thanks to the assistance of a company belonging to the Apple Consultancy Network (ACN), private companies can count on the help and experience of consultants who have obtained training certificates from the same parent company and who can help integrate Apple technologies with those of other suppliers. The areas in which the companies enter the ACN circuit provide support are in this case:

  • Mac
  • Server e Connections
  • Portability
  • Creativity
  • Training

ACN consultants are experts in configuring, integrating and servicing Apple machines, both desktops and laptops.

They are able to configure servers and business connections under a Mac OSx operating system perfectly integrating the Mac both in Apple networks and multi-platform networks managing the IT infrastructure that is very different from that needed by working with other types of machines.

They are experts in Enterprise mobility offering advice on distribution and integration of services that take advantage of the cloud storage on mobile devices with iOS operating system. T

hey are specialized in the distribution, installation and configuration of Apple branded software for creativity such as iBooks Author, Logic Pro, FinalCut Pro X and many others helping customers learn how to create impact multimedia content. Trainers authorized by Apple offer the possibility to follow courses on the technologies developed by the Cupertino house both for private end users and for IT professionals.

Arka Service has been a part of Apple Consultancy Network for almost 10 years. The company has joined the network of certified Apple consultants since 2011 and today is one of the few companies that can provide italian apple support. Check the status of the companies that are part of the Apple Consultancy Network and find the one closest to you is very simple, just search on any web search engine the words “ACN Apple” or go to and insert the zip code of your city in the search bar or more simply go to the nearest Apple Store to ask for information.

If you need support for your company’s use of Apple® devices such as the iMac® desktop computer line, MacBook® family laptops and iPhone® and iPad® mobile devices, you can contact Arka Service with highly-skilled staff qualified in possession of certifications that attest the experience and competence.

Arka Service boasts in its staff 12 Certifications Apple MIB 10.10 (Mac Integration Basic), 9 Certifications ACSP 10.10 (Apple Certified Support Professional) and 9 Certifications ACTC 10.10 (Apple Certified Technical Coordinator).