4 Reasons to Unlock Your Phone

If you’re not sure whether or not it’s worth it to unlock your apple device, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Here’s why


  1. You can use any carrier you want. Unlocking your phone simply means the phone is no longer tied to a particular carrier. It’s quick and easy, and there are plenty of reputable online services that will do it for well under $20. For instance, say you move to an area that doesn’t have much coverage with your current provider. Instead of having to buy a new phone, you can simply unlock it and switch to a carrier with better coverage. What’s more, your selection of available phones is no longer dictated by what a particular carrier is offering. Choose the phone you like, with the carrier you like.
  2. You can use your phone internationally. If you travel frequently, dealing with international charges can be a massive budget buster. This is because most carriers force you to get service through their international partners and charge extremely high rates for the privilege. When your phone is unlocked, you can simply switch to a local carrier wherever you happen to be. Kiss roaming charges goodbye!
  3. Unlocking increases your phone’s value. If you want to sell your phone, being tied to a particular carrier can make it more difficult to find a buyer. This is because only people who use the same carrier as you do will be able to use the phone. However, when your phone is unlocked you can sell or give it away to anybody and they can use whatever carrier they want.
  4. It’s legal and won’t void your warranty. Phone unlocking has been legal since 2006 and was permanently signed into law in 2014. People often confuse unlocking with jailbreaking, which is completely different and will definitely void your warranty. Jailbreaking makes it possible to install apps and software on your phone from developers other than Apple (in the case of iPhones) or Google (in the case of Androids). This exposes your phone to security risks. Unlocking your phone is perfectly safe and maintains your phone’s security.

Keep in mind there are two different types of wireless technologies: Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). Different carriers use different wireless technologies. Before unlocking your phone, make sure the phone and the carrier you want to use both use the same technology, either GSM or CDMA.